Reverse Engineering AdSense: Uncover Competitors' Sites

Discover the full extent of your competitor's digital portfolio.

Reverse Engineering AdSense: Uncover Competitors' Sites

In the competitive realm of digital marketing, gaining an edge often means understanding not just your own business, but also what moves your competitors are making. We're excited to reveal a method that sheds light on this very aspect, focusing specifically on reverse engineering Google AdSense sites. This approach is not just free; it's a strategic move to uncover the diverse projects and strategies your competitors are investing in.

What Can You Gain from This Tutorial?

Discover the full extent of your competitor's digital portfolio by uncovering all websites linked to their Google AdSense PUB ID.

Step-by-Step Guide

1. Selecting a Target Site

Concentrate on a competitor's website that stands out due to its exceptional traffic, engagement levels, or distinct value proposition. This site is likely a crucial asset within your competitor's array of digital properties.

For instance, in our analysis, we examine reviews on to determine if the reviewers are associated with any other platforms, with a special focus on

2. Extracting the PUB ID

Inspect the site's code using the browser's 'Inspect Element' feature, and locate the Google AdSense PUB ID by pressing 'Cmd' (Mac) or 'Ctrl' (Windows) along with 'F' to open the search function, then type 'pub'. This action unveils the key to exploring the full array of your competitor's online ventures.

3. Leveraging

With the PUB ID obtained, enter '' into your browser's address bar, substituting 'pub-your-16-digit-code' with the actual PUB ID (e.g., 'pub-1044568227058220'). This query uncovers not only the initial site but also every site connected to the same AdSense account, providing a comprehensive overview of your competitor's digital footprint.

4. Results

In this instance, no additional sites are using the same ID, but I encourage you to test it out for yourself.

Ethical Considerations and Strategic Use

While this method opens up a treasure trove of competitive intelligence, it's essential to approach this information ethically and strategically. The goal is to inspire innovation and strategic planning within your own projects.


Leverage this method to stay one step ahead in the digital marketing game, ensuring your projects are not just competitive but also innovative and responsive to market dynamics.